Mudder Boots

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Constructed of chemical-resistant, non-stick plastic. Utilize expandable wings to provide 180 square inches of support when crossing soft terrain. Worn over boots or waders, the wings expand as you step onto soft surfaces to increase boot area by four times and then retract to 8” when you lift your foot. Webbing on the underside of the wings forms a sealed chamber to trap air and eliminate ”suction” common with other footwear. Quick cinch-and-release boot straps. Sold by the pair. One size fits all.

Product Advisory

There are surface conditions that are not suited for Mudders. We do not warranty top performance in all mud conditions. Please use caution when using Mudders in new areas. Mudders are not a flotation device and will not perform in certain suspensions (i.e. quicksand, glacial silt or areas which are comprised of centuries of decayed vegetation). Snowshoes have the same challenge. Smaller snowshoes work well in packed snow. Large snowshoes are needed for light new fallen snow. In some “powder” snow conditions, snowshoes will not function well.

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